L'ORÉAL Paris Colour Riche Pocket Palette Review & Swatches!

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 H E L L O  B E A U T I E S !

I had to come and give you guys the 411 on L'ORÉAL Paris' New Colour Riche Pocket Palettes. Over the past few weeks I've seen a number of reviews on them, and shockingly most were not very positive. However, this has not been my experience. Before I go into my full review, I've swatched 7 of the palettes for you below. Check them out...









I must say that I absolutely love the (and I quote the press release) "expert-curated shades" in each palette. There is a color scheme/palette for every eye shape and color; for the natural girl, city girl, and day-to-night girl. As a Professional Makeup Artist I can make just about anything work. So I can work around the fact that they aren't as pigmented as I'd hoped. They come in 3 different finishes: satin, matte and sheen. I found the matte to be most pigmented. If you know how to minipulae a product, then this can work for you. Then again I know that many of you (in my Sweet Brown voice) don't have time for that.

There were more than a few colors that I really had layer on the back of my hand to show. This was surprising to me because I featured this product in a magazine editorial I did for the September issue of Upscale Magazine. On set was my first time using the Pocket Palettes and I was blown away by the pigment on my model. So, I'm taken back at the fact that my swatch experience didn't go so well. Did my eyes deceive me on set? Why was it amazing then and mediocre now?! Check out an image of my model below. I used the Colour Riche Pocket Palette in Boudoir Charme (see swatch above) on her lids and inner corner of her eyes. Absolutely loved it...

Over all I will give this product a C+. I need to try it on a model and again on myself to test the pigmentation and longevity. So far I have had one great experience and one bad. I'll give them one more go 'round to confirm or deny if my eyes deceived me that day. I'll let you guys know the verdict then. For now, these are my initial thoughts/first impressions.  

What are your first impressions? Feel free to chime in below!

Until next time,
- Bee

*Products featured in this post were provided by L'Oréal Paris. All thoughts and opinions are my own."


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