Inside PopSugar's October MUST HAVE Box + Discount Code!

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H E L L O  B E A U T I E S !

First of let me say, I'm not a huge lover of subscription boxes and yes, PopSugar sent this to me. However, if you're like me and skeptical of the box service craze and want to give one a try...this is the one!  I received a Pop Sugar Must Have Box years ago to review. I deleted the post because the quality was so bad. I've grown so much as a blogger since then. My blog and photos look so much better, nor do I delete old posts anymore. It takes away from my journey. I want you guys to see how hard I've worked. Any-who, I digress...

PopSugar's Must Have Box is my favorite subscription box for number of reasons. 1. The box when you first open it can seem underwhelming, because its typically things you would purchase yourself or think to grab. Its an amazing way to try new things, which we all like to pretend we are good at. 

Any-who, I opened the box and thought to myself, "Cool an umbrella!" Everything else I wasn't too excited about...until I looked at the box as a whole. Its perfect for October/Fall and could easily be called the cozy box. All Its missing is a blanket. LOL

Check out the items in Pop Sugar's Must Have October Box/ AKA The Cozy (Fall) Box!

1/2. The Makeup Eraser Mini ($12) + Revlon ColorStay Liquid Eye Pen ($8.99)

Of course I'm going to start with the beauty items. Unless you've been under a rock I'm sure you seen this magical makeup remover. I was excited to see this in the box because like many, I'm a bit skeptical of it. I'll be doing separate review of this item. Can't wait to put it to the test. Stay tuned. As far as Revlon's Liquid Eye Pen, you can never go wrong with with eyeliner. I find that PopSugar makes wise cosmetic choices to place in their box. If they were to send a foundation or a primer, chances are it won't match my skin type or tone. So playing it safe with liners and shadows are the way to go. This way everyone is satisfied and can truly use every item received in the box. 

3. Lalicous Brown Sugar Vanilla Shower Oil and Bubble Bath ($28)

So, maybe I'm late but I'm so new to the shower oil game and I'm loving it. A few months back another brand sent me a shower oil and now I'm obsessed. In box brochure it says, " Nothings says "fall" like the sweet, comfy scent of brown sugar (and vanilla)..." an I couldn't agree more. I like to use shower oil after using my daily body wash. You're pores and skin are already open from the warm water so its the best time to use it. It makes your skin nice and shiny, moisturized before you even step out the shower. 

4/5. Rise & Shine Diner Mug + My Cup of Cocoa Dark Drinking Chocolate ($16)

Nothing makes me happier than chocolate in any form. With that said, I'm happy. Also if you follow me on Snapchat, you know that I'm a HUGE mug collector. I love coffee/drinking mugs. So this will fit in nicely with my collection. As a child mom my mom use to wake me up to the tune, "Rise and Shine & give God the glory, glory!" My fellow church goers may know the tune. So the cup saying, Rise and Shine only reminds me to give God glory. Again, win!

6. Power Your Happy - Work Hard, Play Nice & Build Your Dream Life by Lisa Sugar ($25)

After you've removed your makeup with your makeup eraser, hopped out of the shower using your Brown Sugar Vanilla Body Oil, make your cup of cocoa, you can wind down to Power Your Happy! As a makeup artist and beauty blogger, I can't wait to read this book. I love reading about the powerhouses in the beauty industry, because I plan on being one. I'll be taking notes as well. Thanks again Lisa for including a copy of your book in the box! 

7. Henri Bendel Packable Umbrella ($58)

I thought about going outside and taking a photo with this umbrella so you guys could really see how cute it is. However here in Atlanta, GA its bright and sunny outside and I feel it would just look funny. HeHe!

This is the only item I probably wouldn't purchase on my own. Its a nice umbrella, but not worth the cost. HOWEVER, that's the joy of subscription boxes. I didn't have to! It came with the box. You do the math...

PopSugar's Must Have Box is $39.95 a month and the umbrella alone is $58! This box adds up to be around $150 if you had to buy all of these items yourself. Again if you ever sign up for a box service, this is the way to go. When you do, make sure you USE MY CODE: SHOP5 to receive money off your first box and you can sign up HERE

Are you a member of any box service? If so I'd love to hear about it below. Hope you give PopSugar a chance. You'll love it! 

Until Next time, 

*Items featured in this post were provided by PopSugar for review purposes. All thoughts and opinions are my own!*


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