Family Dollar Fabulous w/ House of Cheatham & Kim Fields was EVERYTHING! VIDEO Included...

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H E L L O  B E A U T I E S 

I'm back again with Family Dollar and I couldn't be more excited about it. Last year Family Dollar gathered bloggers of color from all over the country to share with us (and you) all of the Fabulous items they carry in store just for us. It was an epic weekend. Click the hashtag #FDFabulous to see an insta-recap of the event this year and the year prior!

Our evening began at Pascal's Restaurant for a quick meet and greet with fellow Family Dollar Fabulous Bloggers (@MimiJOnline@LexiWithTheCurls , @Titispassion, @awedbymoni, and @NaturallyMeMedia) and #FDFabulous corporate family. From there we stopped by a local Family Dollar for a store tour, scavenger hunt and a little shopping. It was Fun!

All of Us!

Myself with Influencers MiMi J and Lexi in a local Family Dollar store! 

Family Dollar + House of Cheatham!

In case you didn't know, Family Dollar carries House of Cheatham products? What products are those you ask?

From Africa's Best to Aunt Jackie's, Family Dollar has you covered. I loved that Family Dollar carried compact/ smaller versions of your favorite products. It not only saves you a few bucks in your pocket, but is also great to keep in your purse. I can speak for myself, I love keeping hair oil on me at all times. I have Locs and rushing out the house before showing my scalp some love happens one too many times. 

One of Aunt Jackie's best sellers and highly recommended products at Family Dollar
 Knot on my Watch! How much do you love this product?

After learning about House of Cheatham, we participated in a scavenger hunt around the store. I can't wait to see video of it. They gave us Go Pro cameras to document our experience and it was epic. Now I think I want want a Go Pro...grrreat! lol 

Influencers Moni and Lexi trying to figure out how to use our new cameras for the evening.

That was fun right!? Well, we they didn't stop there! Now we're off to a private Loft space for the official Family Dollar Fabulous event with thee Kim Fields! Family Dollar went all out, providing us with a relax station to recharge our phones, and rest our feet after a long day. They also tried to set this married woman here up with a massage from a good lookin', good smellin' beautiful man. LOL! 

More House of Cheatham items you can find at your local Family Dollar! 

Myself and Kim Fields! From the original Girlfriends, Living Single.

Kim Fields stopped by to talk about her journey in the entertainment industry. As well as her beautful red hair. We are so used to seeing her blonde, but this was a wonderful change. I received so many messages on my snapchat and Instagram about her hair. Its truly fabulous! We actually had the chance to ask her a few questions via Facebook live. Check out that video below!

 hope you guys enjoyed this recap of Family Dollar's Family Dollar Fabulous. Be sure to stop by your local Family Dollar to shop for the items you use every day. Nothing is more Fabulous than keeping a few dollars in your pocket and Family Dollar makes that possible. 

Thank you again FD for having me and I can't wait to do it again! 

Until Next time, 

*This post is sponsored by Family Dollar & House of Cheatham. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*


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